The Estate offers a traditional driven partridge and pheasant shoot, managed in-hand by the family, as it has been for generations. The shoot is run in a traditional and sporting way to modern day standards, conforming to the Code of Good Shooting Practice and to the approved standards of The British Game Alliance. We are also working towards the use of lead-free cartridges.

The shoot is carefully managed to enhance wildlife conservation and the countryside. Our gamekeepers work closely with neighbouring farmers to achieve a good habitat, not only for the gamebirds, but for a host of other wildlife. Woodland and hedgerow management plays an important part. Game cover crops are very beneficial to biodiversity and the benefits to many farmland bird species are well established. Wild Grey Partridge numbers are on the increase. They are an ‘indicator species’ for broader farmland biodiversity – where they thrive, other species tend to do well. We have also been encouraged to see growing numbers of Brown Hares.

Contact the Estate Office for further information on dates and availability of Let days.